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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Part 1, wonderful to share knowledge with younger brothers and sisters at the orphanage foundation AMPERA Siti Khadijah Pringgasela

My Sweet sister's name IKA, she still attended first class at  junior high school 1 Pringgasela Lombok Timur NTB,  where I graduated also in my village, she was my student at the Orphanage, which I define as student, sister, and friend sharing. Ika is so typical greeting me, she's very smart, so I taught directly can make rope bag macrame. she catching up and understanding the material very quickly, even she is not ashamed to ask, "what next sister Dian?".
Ika is an orphan who lost her father two years ago, though so young orphanage she never felt inferior to mingle. Even she is more optimistic than children whose parents reside. Smile and a life full of passion, makes me think, GOD is fair.
Ika is not only one of my students at the orphanage there are plenty about 11 people, program guide younger siblings at the orphanage to have the skills, actually already started 2 weeks ago, and the results were above the bag, I teach them to make an bag macrame , as their stock when they are grown up and later want to open the entrepreneurs themselves, at least they have skill could make a rope bag macrame.
For me it was very beautiful to share, no stories we share whatever it immediately so poor, on the contrary, when we can share it, will increasingly have what we have. these things should not be calculated in money, sacrifice, hard work and sincerity is much more important, not hypocritical but the name of social work should be unwilling.
And I hope that, this is the greatest of all, I hope one day they can become self-sufficient, it could open up opportunities for others in need, and science can be useful for anyone. See someday I'll make my hometown a macrame bag craft industry's most well-known traditional weaving,,, # hope. So that no more people unemployed, or fight for employees civil servants seats